TUIT Price List

We have made a very easy price list for our customized TUITS. We do not charge any setup fee on orders over 100 TUITS. When you send us a custom order request, we will layout the design and create your  TUIT and send you a photo .  We will be happy to do this as many times as necessary till we get the TUIT you desire.  Once you are happy and approve the design we will send you an invoice for payment. We accept Visa, M/C, American Express or Discover over the phone or we can invoice you via Pay Pal and you may pay it your way.

Orders will ship no later than 15 days after payment. If you are in need of special timing and rush service, please let us know that right away so that we can Stop the Presses and Get right down TUIT and fill your needs.

Thank you for thinking about our TUITS. We are certain that you will be satisfied.



  • 100 Custom TUITS  $ call
  • 500 Custom TUITS $ call
  • 700 Custom TUITS $ call
  • 1000 Custom TUITS $ call

Note: If you wish to order less then 100 TUITS

we  charge a $35.00 one time set up fee.


Note: If your going to order more than 50 Tuits then the 100 TUIT order is your best option!

As a marketing company we strive to find unique products and items to present to our clients to help them in promoting their business. We have used TUITS-R-US to create custom TUITS with our clients logo's and products as well as a unique type business card as well. The fact that we can get a one of a kind design made for us and with no set-up fee either makes this a perfect item. Everyone has a business card, how many have a ROUND TUIT !!

Tracy    Memphis TN   

I was hesitant at first to work with a complete stranger from such a distance away. Mark reassured me of his competency and professionalism. He made sure that I was satisfied with the prototype before I placed my order. The result was phenomenal! I could not be happier. I am eager to pass them out to my clients and hopefully generate some new ones along the way.

Amanda    SC   

We had custom TUITS made to give out to our clients that we serve. Because we are in the death industry we never want to put pressure on our customers to make quick decisions, thus handing out a TUIT as a reminder of our service and items helps in a friendly way. Great product.

Hal M    Memphis, TN   

I recieved the order today, great service, great product. I wanted these for a give away at a fair this coming weekend and he delivrred. Biggest problem is everone who sees them wants them now. Good job, highly reccomend him.

John Koenig    Pahrump Nevada